SEO Tips To Rank On First Page Of Google

SEO Tips To Rank On First Page Of Google
SEO Tips To Rank On First Page Of Google

Improve Your on-site SEO

Here’s the truth:

On-Page SEO is one altogether the fastest ways in which area unit terribly useful to spice up your page on Google rankings.

That’s as a result of you will optimize your page in a try of minutes.

And start to check a ranking boost among days.

First, certify that your keyword is towards the beginning of your title tag.

Here are a unit some examples:

  • SEO Tools – Keyword in title
  • This is noted as “Frontloading” your keyword.

Why is that this important?

Well, Google puts slightly extra stress on terms that show up early in your title tag.

Which they place less stress on keywords that show up in an exceedingly whereas.

Google keyword stress

Ecommerce SEO post

As you will see, my title tag starts off with that keyword.

Ecommerce SEO post in SERPs

Second, build your content for a minimum of 1800 words.

Content total word count

And I can tell you from experience that longer content can tend to rank best in search engines.

For example, one keyword that we tend to try and rank #1 for is: “Mobile SEO”.

And this is  often a really competitive keyword.

“Mobile SEO” search results

This is why I created bound my page lined EVERYTHING anyone may have to grasp regarding optimizing their web site for mobile devices.

In fact, my content is 4000 total words.

Content word count

Obviously, there are unit times where long-form content doesn’t add up (like for associate eCommerce category page).

However, if you will publish long content you need to publish long content.

This isn’t regarding keyword stuffing or one thing like that.

“This page is regarding this search query!”.

Which can assist you to urge pleasing rankings to spice up.

For example, I recently needed to spice up my rankings for the keyword “squeeze page”.

So, I think, that term is extremely chanced to rank on my page wherever it creates sense.

Adding LSI Keywords

LSI keywords may be a subtle on-page SEO methodology.

LSI keywords?

  • They’re words and phrases that unit of measurement related to the topic of your page.
  • For example, here sq. measures some example LSI keywords for the keyword “Cold Brew Coffee”.
  • LSI keywords add up to let Google verify the topic
  • These LSI keywords inform Google that your content is actually this subject.

Single page topic

  • How do I understand and use LSI keywords on your site?
  • I recommend searching for a free SEO tool noted as LSI Graph
  • LSI Graph – Homepage
  • All you would like to do and do is pop your main keyword into the tool…

Monitor Your Technical SEO

For the ninetieth of the websites out there, technical SEO is not a tangle.

It is said:

  • Technical SEO problems can terribly hurt your site’s SEO. So, they worth taking note of.
  • Specifically, here are a unit three things to remain mounted fixed on:
  • The first factor I prefer to advocate is to assay that your web site is 100% optimized for mobile devices.
  • It’s 2021. Thus, this altogether likelihood isn’t a tangle for you.
  • Fortunately, checking your site’s mobile optimization is AN associate absolute cinch.

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