SEO for WordPress: Learn basics in 2021

SEO for WordPress: Learn basics in 2021
SEO for WordPress: Learn basics in 2021


As a default, the permalinks that your new post ar gave don’t seem to be pretty – they are going to contain numbers and odd characters, like this:

This isn’t the sort of universal resource surveyor that the search engines can collect any data relating to your computing machine from, nor your potential guests once they see it appear among the SERPs (search engine results pages) results:

Change the structure in WordPress by going to ‘Settings’ on the LeftHand side of your screen once you log in and click on ‘Permalinks’.

Here’s the choice you’re given on WordPress. you’ll see that the default includes numbers, however, you’ll have to be compelled to vary that by finishing ‘Custom Structure’ at the bottom:

You don’t have to be compelled to use to any extent any than five keywords in your universal resource surveyor – Matt Cutts of Google has confirmed that Google provides less weight to any extent any than this.

More refined sites will use universal resource surveyor parameters that we’ll not enter throughout this text, however, even then, Google advises eliminating supernumerary parameters as a result of it makes it more durable for Google to crawl the positioning.

Domain settings on WordPress

First of all you need a domain name and you can find cheap ones here:


Second one you will need a good hosting service. Below are our recommendations:


If you discover you’re doing have some duplicate content, 301 direct them: there are various plugins offered to help with this where all you’re doing is add the link you would like to direct from, and thus the one you would like to direct to.


Another technique for getting eliminate duplicate content is to tell your unwanted page to purpose to the primary content victimization the rel=canonical tag barely of committal to writing is needed with this one but not Associate in Nursing excessive quantity of.


Another way to avoid the search engines’ observance your duplicate content is to ‘no-index’ the pages you are doing not would like them to establish. Another plugin can facilitate this: the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

Or, you will be ready to raise Google to induce obviate the bad person pages from their index:

‘Link equity’ ‘link power’ or ‘link juice’ is gained by totally different sites linking to you. This helps increase your PageRank that’s nice for pushing you up the SERPs. among an equivalent vein, if you link out to different websites or different pages on your own site, you’re passing on link power to them. you’ll not have to be compelled to try and that for the following reasons:

Title and outline


Your page title is very important as a result of the search engines are concerned.

To keep with SEOMoz’s 2011 search rankings issue table, 94.4 out of 1 hundred “influence value” is given to having a keyword among the page title (or ‘meta-title’).

Therefore, you need to extraordinarily be thinking painstakingly relating to the words you utilize during this title, and where to position them.


Although the define tag isn’t any further important for ranking functions (see the define tag debate) it’s still an outstanding likelihood to let us acknowledge what you’re all relating to once they encounter your web site among the computer program ranking pages (SERPs).

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