HERAKLION Capital Of The Island Of Crete

Wild hilly coastline of Creta island after a rain with a rainbow

Heraklion is the capital of the island of Crete.

It is the most important city on the island, with a population of 155,000, an industrialized area, a city center suffocated by traffic, but in recent years, things have changed.
The authorities are making efforts to highlight as much as possible the millenary history of the city.

As a tourist in Crete, landing in Heraklion, you must not miss the Knosos Palace, a settlement of Minoan kings, discovered and restored between 1900 and 1931.
The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is one of the most important museums in Greece and probably the most representative in terms of exhibits that speak of Minoan culture and civilization.

One of the most important exhibits of the museum is the statue of the Goddess of Snakes.

Other important museums in Heraklion are the Museum of History, the Museum of the Battle of Crete and the National Renaissance, and the museum of the writer Mikos Kazantzakis, author of the famous novel Zorba the Greek.

One of the activities you can undertake as a tourist in Heraklion is the trip by horse to the seaside.

Most of these walks take place on Karteros beach, 5 km from Heraklion.
The capital of Crete also has to offer tourists monuments in Renaissance style, as evidenced by the Venetian wall in the city.
Heraklion is a place full of Greek culture and mythology, being an unmissable destination for its lovers.

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